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Top 10 Cigars for 2023

Image Source: rawf8 / Shutterstock

Most cigar aficionados have their favorite go-to cigars, but exploring new options can be exciting. Whether it’s a newly released cigar or an undiscovered gem, expanding your collection can add variety to your smoking experience. If you’re curious about the top 10 cigars enthusiasts will be enjoying in 2023, take a look at the diverse selection below. From different origins to varying price points, these cigars are highly regarded for their quality. You may find some at your local tobacco store or online on platforms like Renegade Cigars. Give them a try and discover a new favorite!

#1: Rocky Patel Decade

The Rocky Patel Decade was introduced in 2007 to celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary. Available in Robusto, Toro, and Torpedo sizes, this cigar features a luxurious Ecuador Sumatra wrapper with enticing notes of black cherry and cocoa. Hand-rolled in Honduras, it offers a medium- to full-bodied smoke with a complex flavor profile that includes hints of black cherry, cocoa, pepper, spices, coffee, leather, caramel, and hickory.

#2: Davidoff Chefs Edition

Created in collaboration with four renowned chefs, the Davidoff Chefs Edition is a medium-strength Churchill cigar with creamy floral, cedar, caramel, and cacao notes. Crafted with Ecuadorian Hybrid 238 wrappers, four types of Dominican fillers, and a San Andrés Negro Seco binder, this cigar offers a unique and delightful smoking experience.

#3: La Aroma de Cuba Pasión

Featuring a triple fermentation process, the La Aroma de Cuba Pasión delivers a medium- to full-bodied smoke with flavors of molasses-soaked cedar, leather, and cashew. The Nicaraguan fillers and binders from the producer’s family-owned farms combine harmoniously with a shade-grown wrapper from Namanji’s microclimate. Available in six sizes, the Torpedo variant is among the most popular choices.

#4: Villiger Cigars La Libertad

A part of a 134-year-old brand’s portfolio, the Villiger Cigars La Libertad has a new blend featuring a fragrant Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper, Nicaraguan fillers, and a Dominican binder. This cigar surprises with its rough texture and offers a finish of dark chocolate and cedar, deviating from its previous iteration.

#5: La Gloria Cubana Criollo de Oro

The La Gloria Cubana Criollo de Oro showcases the benefits of hybrid tobaccos with a blend of Pelo de Oro and Criollo 98 wrapper, Connecticut Broadleaf binder, and Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers. This results in an earthy, sweet profile with hints of citrus and cedar, offering a medium-strength smoke suitable for various occasions.

#6: Rocky Patel White Label

With Nicaraguan fillers and a mysterious “undisclosed” leaf, the Rocky Patel White Label features a golden Connecticut shade leaf wrapper. This mellow and sweet cigar provides a medium-strength smoke with subtle cedar notes, available in four different sizes with the Toro variant perfect for pairing with bourbon.

#7: Cohiba Serie M

Hand-rolled in Miami’s Little Havana District in El Titan de Bronze Cigar Factory, Cohiba Serie M cigars bring traditional Cuban craftsmanship to the US. Created by expat torcedores, these cigars offer subtle notes of spices and roasted coffee beans, thanks to the Dominican and Nicaraguan filler and Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper.

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#8: Plasencia Year of the Tiger

True to its name, the Plasencia Year of the Tiger delivers a strong smoking experience with rich flavors like wild roses and humid rainforests. As a Nicaraguan puro, pairing this cigar with a complex bourbon or cognac enhances the experience due to the limited supplies of the tobacco used.

#9: EP Carillo Short Run Retro 2022 Maduro

Produced by Ernesto Perez-Carillo, the EP Carillo Short Run Retro 2022 Maduro is a limited-edition cigar with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Ecuadorian binder, and fillers from Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua. Offering notes of saddle leather, sweet-grass, cocoa, ginger, and a candy-coated spiciness, this medium- to full-bodied smoke pairs well with a cold Guinness or artisanal mezcal.

#10: Espada by Montecristo Signature

The Espada by Montecristo Signature stands out for its smoothness and mild, creamy aroma. Featuring a rare Nicaraguan Colorado Claro wrapper, this cigar is a prized find. Though scarcer than other Espada by Montecristo cigars, the effort to locate it is well worth it for the delightful smoking experience it provides.

Discover New Flavors

No matter how many cigars you’ve tried, there are always more to explore. Make 2023 the year to broaden your palate with these exceptional cigars and enjoy a range of unique smoking experiences.

Image Source: rawf8 / Shutterstock

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