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These Are The Best 8 Taylor Stitch Shirts For Spring

Image Source: Taylor Stitch @ Instagram

The guys at San Francisco brand, Taylor Stitch, are one of the best in the business when it comes to cool menswear and one piece of apparel that excel in particular is that of shirts. With spring and summer firmly upon us, now is the time to ramp up the quality of your shirt choices and you’ll not find many better places to do this than with Taylor Stitch.

Check out our pick of 8 of the best Taylor Stitch shirts for spring and summer below:

The Short Sleeve Hawthorne ($125)

Featuring a useful front placket, a single rounded chest pocket, and a casual camp collar designed to be worn open (go on and let that breeze in this spring and summer), The Hawthorne Shirt from Taylor Stitch ($125) is a bonafide classic—and one of our favourite springtime traditions here at The Status Life. This bold, vintage-inspired Dark Navy Seagull print packs a powerful visual punch and a tonne of character, ensuring that The Hawthorne will never get lost in a crowd. ($125)

The Short Sleeve Jack Shirt ($98)

This vibrant, intricate print takes its inspiration from a piece of vintage artwork that Taylor Stitch came across recently, and – as expected – it makes for an exceptionally striking shirt. The Short Sleeve Jack in Whitewater ($98) is an instantly arresting garment, and it looks amazing when paired with some shorts or your favourite pair of blue jeans. Fresh coat of paint aside, this is the same Jack shirt as ever: namely, sharp, ridiculously comfortable, and Responsibly Built for the Long Haul. ($98)

Tulem Shirt in Cranberry Stripe ($98)

The Tulum Shirt from Taylor Stitch ($98) wears its old school charm on its sleeve, but this is no relic. It boasts a contemporary cut and utility-focused design, it’s a unique—and therefore uniquely capable—short sleeve shirt. Distinctive, eye-catching details like a casual camp collar and subtle piping at the collar lend it some one-of-a-kind character. Robust, comfortable and sharp, The Tulum Shirt is just the shot in the arm your summer wardrobe has been calling out for. ($98)

The Jack Shirt in Dusty Rose Oxford ($125)

Few staples are as effortlessly versatile and timeless as the classic Oxford button down shirt, and fittingly, Taylor Stitch’s line of Everyday Oxfords has long served as an anchor for their brand—and their wardrobes. They have expanded the horizons of this iconic formula with three limited edition colorways, including this striking Dusty Rose Oxford Shirt ($125). Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? ($125)

The California Shirt in Indigo Pyramid ($125)

The Taylor Stitch California Shirt ($125) goes anywhere, goes with everything and, it goes without saying, that when traditional Japanese prints meet contemporary California styling the result is a new classic that we’re big fans of here at The Status Life. A heady mix of soft and substantial, traditional and unique, the California has it all. This cloth has all the character Japanese mills are known for and all the comfort you would demand from your go-to shirt this spring and summer. ($125)

The Ledge Shirt in Sand Plaid ($128)

Some shirts give out halfway up the mountain but there’s no chance of this with The Ledge Shirt from Taylor Stitch ($128). It comes equipped with Taylor Stitch’s easygoing California collar, a shorter length (ideally suited for wearing untucked), and the brand’s characteristically meticulous construction. The Ledge is a sharp, comfortable option that can hold its own even when the trail gets a bit more uncompromising. ($128)

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The Jack Shirt in Parkway Stripe ($125)

Though Taylor Stitch have grown exponentially over the years, expanding well beyond their humble beginnings as a dedicated shirtmaking operation, The Jack Shirt remains a critical fixture of their line up—and is perhaps the purest expression of their brand history. This Jack Shirt in Parkway Stripe ($125) may be simple, but what it lacks in bells and whistles, it makes up for with unparalleled construction, a perfectly tailored cut, and Responsible materials that can withstand the ups and downs of daily wear without putting undue stress on our planet. If you want to know what Taylor Stitch is all about, then you need to give The Jack Shirt a spin this spring. ($125)

The Yosemite Shirt in Navy ($125)

The guys at Taylor Stitch can hardly believe it’s been eight years since they made their very first Yosemite shirt and, needless to say, a lot has changed since then, but they’re happy to report that this TS staple has stayed the course to great effect and for good reason. They’ve seen no need to mess with the formula over the years and it remains a supremely comfy shirt with some robust construction features, a refined silhouette, and the kind of simple good looks that will never go out of style. ($125)

Image Source: Taylor Stitch @ Instagram

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