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The Dwelling on Wheels: A Portable Living Space with Style

Image Source: Pixabay

The Dwelling on Wheels by Modern Shed is a compact yet spacious structure that combines the convenience of a home with the flexibility to travel. This innovative design takes a backyard shed and transforms it into a portable dwelling on wheels, offering a modern twist on classic comfort and style.

Measuring at 220 square feet, the Dwelling on Wheels is a contemporary, self-contained structure that is perfect for both living and traveling. With a mix of vintage charm and modern amenities, this portable dwelling is ideal for adventurous road trips and cozy living experiences.

Travel in Comfort and Luxury

Bringing the Dwelling on Wheels along for your outdoor adventures will elevate your travel experience. The design features a traditional gable form with a wall of windows to maximize natural light and scenic views. It also includes a solar array on the roof with batteries, allowing for off-grid capabilities, along with a wood stove and electric wall heaters for heating.

Despite its small size, the interior of the Dwelling on Wheels is cleverly planned to feel open and spacious. The inclusion of a floor-to-ceiling window at one end and a deck at the front creates a welcoming ambiance for relaxation and enjoyment of the outdoors.

Cost-Effective Customization

Modern Shed offers a build estimate of 4-10 months for the Dwelling on Wheels starting at $129,000. They provide customization options for your specific needs, whether it’s for an office or a permanent residence. The design includes high-intensity insulation, eco-friendly features like water tanks or composting units, and a light-filled interior with sustainable materials.

With its efficient and stylish design, the Dwelling on Wheels from Modern Shed is a prime example of affordable luxury living in a compact space. It’s a perfect solution for those looking to embrace Tiny Living without compromising on comfort and style.

Image Source: Pixabay

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