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The Bugatti Chiron Sport Les Légendes du Ciel Limited Edition Pays Tribute To The Legends Of Aviation

Image Source: Pixabay

The Bugatti Chiron Sport ‘Les Légendes du Ciel’ limited edition is a heartfelt tribute to the long-standing connection between Bugatti and aviation. This edition honors French aviation with its unique design and features.

Bugatti’s history intertwines closely with aviation, dating back over 110 years. The limited-edition Chiron Sport celebrates this heritage through intricate details like hand-sketched racing scenes, diamond-cut aluminum elements, and a design that pays homage to French aviation.

Stephan Winkelmann, Bugatti’s President, highlights the strong bond between Bugatti and aviation, recalling notable racing drivers like Albert Divo and Robert Benoist, who also served in the French Air Force. The connection between Bugatti and aviation is exemplified by drivers seeking speed both on the ground and in the air, a sentiment that inspired Ettore Bugatti, the company’s founder.

Limited to just 20 units, the Les Légendes du Ciel edition is based on the Chiron Sport model. Its unique features include a matt grey ‘Gris Serpent’ paintwork reminiscent of 1920s aircraft, a striking white gloss center stripe, and the iconic Le Bleu-Blanc-Rouge tricolor accents. The vehicle’s exterior is further enhanced with Les Légendes du Ciel logos and decorative elements made of exposed black carbon fiber.

Inside, the Chiron Sport Les Légendes du Ciel boasts a luxurious full leather interior with hand-drawn sketches and diamond-cut aluminum details. The “Gaucho” leather used throughout the cabin is complemented by aluminum trims and custom inlays featuring the Les Légendes du Ciel logo, adding a touch of exclusivity to the interior.

Powering this exceptional car is a W16 engine with a capacity of 8.0 liters, delivering an impressive 1,500 PS and 1,600 newton meters of torque. The Chiron Sport Les Légendes du Ciel achieves a maximum speed of 420 km/h, a testament to Bugatti’s commitment to performance and innovation.

Production of the Chiron Sport Les Légendes du Ciel began in late 2020, with each unit priced at 3.4 million dollars. This limited edition model encapsulates the spirit of aviation and showcases Bugatti’s dedication to craftsmanship and excellence.

Enjoy more images of this aviation-inspired masterpiece below.

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Image Source: Pixabay

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