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Taste The New Flavours Of Basbas Herbal Liqueur

We’re not going to lie, we’re pretty big drinkers here at The Status Life and it usually takes a lot to get us to deviate from our craft beer proclivity. Well, we’ve just come across a tipple that might just do exactly that in the shape of Basbas Herbal Liqueur. This devilish concoction has been beloved by residents of the Balearic Islanders since 1499 and will provide a taste sensation for your summer drinks rotation.

Trying new flavours and drinks is something that should be on everyone’s agenda this summer after the last 12 months we’ve had and if you’re looking for new choices for your home bar, look no further than Basbas Herbal Liqueur. It is smooth and bright with a hint of sweetness that instantly draws you in. Floral. Energetic. Soul-warming. Herbaceous. Multidimensional. It’s got it all and once you’ve tried it once, it will quickly become a go-to for all your drinking exploits.

Tantalise Your Tastebuds

Basbas effortlessly passes as an aperitif, can exist as a digestif, and moonlights somewhere in-between. Tastes like divine intervention from first drop until last. It was originally crafted by mystic monks for its medicinal properties, the hierbas we raise our glasses to today is the same bouquet of 15ish wild botanicals which were hand-harvested from the islands off the coast of Spain. Named after the “Basbas” sound that would seal each monk’s toast as a prayer, an invocation and a celebration.

Hundreds of years after Basbas was first being enjoyed, the recipe and the traditions that animate it have been passed down from generation to generation without alteration and for any party-goers or home cocktail enthusiast looking to come up with some delicious new tipples this summer, you’ll be in your element with a bottle or two of Basbas.

Boasting a sensational flavour which has notes of citrus, sage, rosemary and anise, Basbas will be quite unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before and we’re definitely looking forward to getting our hands on some in time for summer here at The Status Life. Perfect for before, during or after dinner, Basbas is one of the most versatile drinks on the market and can be enjoyed straight, over ice or mixed with tonic and some orange peel. Dealer’s choice. Expand your drinking horizons this summer by grabbing a bottle (or three) of Basbas. We know we’re going to.

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