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    Rolex Unveils Latest Le Mans Daytona Model

    The new yellow-gold Rolex Daytona with meteorite dial. Credit: Rolex

    Rolex is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans race with a special edition of its chronograph. The 2023 Daytona Le Mans Anniversary Edition is being released during the current Le Mans race (June 11th and 12th, 2023) as a tribute to the historic event.

    This limited edition Rolex Daytona Ref. 126529LN is made of 18K white gold and features several unique details that set it apart from other recent Daytona models. It has Paul Newman-style counters with square markings at the end of the hash marks. The black ceramic tachymeter bezel is adorned with the number “100” in red, symbolizing the race’s 100th anniversary. Furthermore, the watch is equipped with a new movement, caliber 4132, which enables the chronograph counter to run for a full 24 hours, mirroring the duration of the race.

    Paul Altieri, Founder and CEO of the leading online retailer of pre-owned luxury Rolex watches, expressed his excitement about the release, stating, “Rolex does it again by introducing a new Daytona model to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Le Mans race. Take my money now!” While this edition is not officially labeled as limited, it will be produced in smaller quantities compared to core models, similar to the Rolex Submariner Kermit 70th Anniversary edition.

    Altieri also commented on the enthusiasm surrounding the release, saying, “What a sensational launch that is expected to become a permanent addition to The Crown’s lineup… but good luck getting your hands on one of them.”


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