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Richard Mille Unveils Its First Women’s Sports Watch

Richard Mille introduces its inaugural women’s sports watch, the RM 07-04 Automatic Sport. This collection features six vibrant models equipped with a novel automatic skeletonized movement and a highly resilient 30.5mm-by-45mm lightweight quartz or carbon case.

The new Richard Mille RM 07-04 Automatic Sport is available in six color variations including a colorful quartz or a black carbon case.

The development of this new series spanned three years, with input from six female athletes contributing to the design based on their preferences for comfort, functionality, and aesthetics in a watch suitable for both athletic endeavors and everyday wear.

The CRMA8 caliber at the core of this collection is Richard Mille’s most compact movement yet, featuring the brand’s signature function selector. This selector, connected to a push-piece at 4 o’clock, allows the wearer to effortlessly switch between neutral (N), winding (W), or time setting (H) positions without exerting pressure on the winding stem. An indicator at 5 o’clock displays the active function.

The RM 07-04 Automatic Sport boasts high shock resistance, tested to withstand accelerations exceeding 5,000 g’s. To achieve this durability, Richard Mille constructs the baseplate and bridges from titanium treated with black PVD and electro-plasma techniques, followed by manual finishing processes like satin-finishing, micro-blasting, and hand beveling.

The entire case assembly of the collection is water-resistant up to fifty meters, thanks to two Nitrile O-rings, twenty titanium spline screws, and 316L stainless steel washers. Each watch, inclusive of the strap, weighs a mere 36 grams.

Of the new models (creamy white, mauve, salmon, green, and dark blue), five are housed in Quartz TPT cases, while one (black case, below) is crafted from Carbon TPT. Due to the layering of parallel carbon fiber or silica filaments, each watch exhibits unique variations even if sharing the same color. Richard Mille adorns the titanium crown of each watch with a satin finish, followed by micro-blasting and polishing.

An intriguing detail is Richard Mille’s claim that the distinct colors of each RM 07-04 Automatic Sport case are meticulously coordinated with those of the straps, hand tips, or flange, using a palette of hues known only to Richard Mille.

Image Source: Watch Pro

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