500k Shares Needed to Feed Families and Deliver Gifts to Kids For the Holiday Season.

Millions of Kids will be hungry this holiday season.

While we’re giving thanks, eating meals, and opening gifts, there are over 12 million children in America living in Food-Insecure homes.

  • They won’t receive gifts.

  • They may not have an adequate meal.

  • They may not even have a warm winter coat that fits.


But you can help them today, without touching your wallet.

All you need to do is share this! Here’s why. On average, each time you share this campaign you help us generate money for a family in need.

That’s extremely powerful. You can enjoy your holidays knowing that you helped another family have the best Christmas they’ve probably had in a long time.

Together Here’s What We’ll Accomplish

Our goal is to help provide for over 1000 families this holiday season. Together we can get there. Here are the goals we want to get to…

  • Provide delicious, healthy holiday dinners to at least 1000 kids

  • Give books & learning toys to households with young children

  • Provide coats and essentials to 1000+ children for the winter



We want to take care of the people that are most overlooked and neglected in our society. When we help one another, everyone benefits. Here’s who we’re specifically helping…

  • Financially challenged families that live in high-risk urban communities

  • Food Insecure families with children – infant ages and up to 17

  • At-risk elderly people in urban and inner city areas

Let’s get the word out. It’s free. It’s important. It will make difference to many families this holiday.

There’s nothing to lose. Contribute with the click of a button. You can even come back and share again tomorrow.

For You, It’s Simply a Click. For a Family – It’s Everything.

It’s a fact: Children that are exposed to kindness and philanthropy early in life become philanthropic when they are older. That’s good karma for all of us!

We’re giving away big grins, relief, full stomachs, and warm hearts this holiday. Join in.


We’re Lunch Money – a digital media company with a mission. Our work is in media and marketing. Our mission is to give back to the urban community, because that’s who we are. That’s why a percentage of our advertising revenue will go back to causes that matter to our community. All you need to do is share to contribute. It’s that easy.

Stay Updated on Our Progress

We are family. We take care of one another. Together we can help Urban and Inner City families in need. If you want to stay updated on our progress or to submit a family to our list, just enter your name and email below. We promise not to spam you.


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