Ever had a friend that complains constantly? Every time you ask how they’re doing, it’s constant drama.

Hold up! Are you that person?

Most of us spend a lot of time disempowering ourselves.

We’re exasperated with work, our managers, and our parents. We’re mad that we didn’t get the pay increase we thought we deserved. We’re hurt that our significant other doesn’t value us.

Why don’t you try seeing things from a new perspective?

What if nothing bad were happening to you, and everything that happens ultimately works out in your favor?

What if you lost your job so that you could take a risk and start your own business or find work that’s more aligned with you? 

What if the person that you’re dating isn’t reliable, and you’re being shown this before you get in too deep? What if staying with them causes you to miss out on the person that’s perfect for you? 

What if your friend needs your help meant that they trust you with their feelings, their failures, and their secrets? 

What if your trauma gave you the ability to touch others? What if that made you a more empathetic and wealthy person?

Life is beautiful because we have the free will to do as we please. We also have the free will to see things with new eyes and new perceptions. How much time have you spent worrying when everything turned out just as it was supposed to? You could save yourself a lot of fear and pain if you trusted that everything would turn out well.

This week, flip the script and start choosing how you want to see things.

We guarantee you will be happier, and people will see the difference in you.


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