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Redefining the Electric Bike: The Luup-X All Terrain Fat Tire Carbon Fibre eBike is More Than Just Another Bike

Electric bikes are increasingly becoming the norm for those looking for the most versatile and cost-effective means of commuting around urban landscapes and there might be a new player in the game if the quality visuals and performance of the Luup-X All-Terrain Fat Tire Carbon Fibre eBike is anything to go by. Funding over on Indiegogo right now, this impressive-looking steed is taking the crowdfunding platform by storm and it’s not hard to see why.

With prices starting at £2748, which is 40% off the final retail price, you’ll need to act fast to secure yourself this bargain price for the Luup-X All-Terrain Fat Tire Carbon Fibre eBike on Indiegogo. Each one comes equipped with a high-performance mid-drive motor that elevates throttle and pedal-assist to whole new levels and will deliver high speeds and high climbing capabilities with aplomb. The powerful yet quiet motor is perfectly integrated to fit in with your driving style.


The range of the Luup-X eBike is one of its most impressive features and you can do away with range anxiety as it offers over 120 miles of range courtesy of its 48V battery capacity. This is more than enough for even the largest of urban adventures and one of the most eye-catching ranges we’ve seen on an eBike here at The Status Life. Another great feature of this bike is its distinctive, carbon fiber frame. It is ten times stronger than aluminum and will ensure that your e-bike is ready for pretty much anything you can throw at it during your outdoor adventures.

A quality visual impact coupled with an eye-opening performance on the road makes the Luup-X All Terrain Fat Tire Carbon Fibre eBike (from £2748) a real contender to be your next urban transportation and the quality it has to offer is plain to see. It has three-speed settings that allow you to race along at speeds of 45KM/H when using the Class 3 setting. Thumb shifters allow for precise gear changes on this eBike and the thumb throttle allows you to experience the full power of the Luup-X motor.

Comfort is key with the Luup-X eBike and it has a wide, comfy saddle that will make riding around town a pleasure and not a chore. The RST Renegade Suspension Forks will tackle bumpy roads with gusto and the rear DMN AOY Suspension boasts adjustable rebound controls and a lockout mode for optimal pedaling efficiency. If you’re after a top-of-the-range eBike for a bargain price in 2022, you might just have found the ideal candidate with the Luup-X on Indiegogo.


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Image Source: Luup Cube Inc

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