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Insights on 2021 Travel Trends from Expert Luxury Africa Experience Specialists

Image Source: Pixabay

No industry has been as severely impacted by the pandemic as tourism. Despite ongoing uncertainties, there are optimistic signs indicating a strong comeback for travel in the upcoming year. Industry experts anticipate a rise in bookings in the near future, with luxury travel leading the recovery. The concept of exclusivity now aligns perfectly with social distancing measures, prompting bespoke tour specialists to adapt and enhance trip offerings for 2021, aligning with the current trend of “dream now, travel later.”

Jenieen van den Heever, Head of Operations at Ker & Downey Africa, a renowned luxury safari company in Cape Town specializing in personalized African trips, acknowledges the tumultuous effect of COVID-19 on the travel sector. She notes a growing demand among luxury travelers for secluded experiences with minimal exposure to the outside world. To cater to this trend, the company plans to incorporate more private jet travel, exclusive-use safari villas, helicopter transfers, and personalized activities in their itineraries.

To gain insights into post-COVID-19 travel preferences, Ker & Downey Africa conducted client surveys. Results indicated that 39.7% of respondents envisioned traveling again in 2021, with 57.8% emphasizing favorable booking terms and conditions as pivotal factors in their decision-making process. Popular destinations for the coming year include South Africa, Tanzania, and sought-after experiences like gorilla trekking in Rwanda and viewing Victoria Falls.

To reassure hesitant travelers considering high-value customized itineraries, van den Heever highlights collaborative efforts within the tourism industry to offer incentives encouraging future trip planning. Many luxury lodges in Africa are introducing flexible policies such as free cancellations up to 60 days before departure, deferred deposit payments, and price consistency from 2020 into 2021, along with early bird discounts.

Furthermore, booking a trip to Africa during the travel restrictions is not only fulfilling travel dreams but also contributes significantly to conservation projects and supports local communities. Emphasizing sustainability, such trips can showcase travelers’ commitment to responsible tourism.

While the pandemic posed challenges and forced adaptations, Ker & Downey Africa has prioritized client safety and well-being. They are collaborating with industry bodies like SATSA and adhering to the latest health and safety guidelines from WHO and CDC. The company’s latest initiative, LuxVenture: The Wild Awaits You, focuses on exclusive wellness travel and curated experiences, offering a much-needed retreat from the pandemic-induced stresses.

One of the featured trips, a 12-day Culinary Journey to Morocco in collaboration with culinary expert Tara Stevens, combines traditional Moroccan cooking lessons with luxury stays in Fes, Marrakech, and Skoura. The itinerary emphasizes personalized experiences and adheres to strict health and safety protocols, ensuring a safe and enriching journey for participants.

Upcoming tailored trips by Ker & Downey Africa include an exclusive private jet and villa package in East Africa and a wellness escape in Mauritius with personalized fitness and nutrition services. With travel trends leaning towards secluded island destinations, Africa’s private islands offer ideal retreats for those craving beach getaways in isolated settings.

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While Africa is renowned for safari experiences, the continent also boasts secluded private islands that provide a perfect ‘self-isolating’ escape. Ker & Downey Africa recommends pairing a beach holiday with a safari adventure for a well-rounded itinerary. Popular destinations like Mauritius, Madagascar, and Seychelles offer exclusive resorts known for their wellness offerings and pristine surroundings.

For a memorable and balanced travel experience, combining beach relaxation with safari adventures in Africa promises a truly rejuvenating getaway.

Image Source: Pixabay

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