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Innovation Knows No Boundaries: Pretty Rugged’s Trailblazing Lifestyle Brand

Photo Credit: Gorodenkoff / Shutterstock

Introducing Pretty Rugged: The Luxurious, Innovative Blanket

Meet Tracy Slocum, the founder and CEO of Pretty Rugged, a brand that has revolutionized the blanket industry with their unique product. Combining faux fur with waterproof and windproof fabric, Pretty Rugged offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Inspired by her great-great-grandfather, Captain Joshua Slocum, Tracy created a blanket that not only provides warmth and comfort but also pays homage to her family’s seafaring heritage.

The Pretty Rugged Blanket, first introduced in 2017, is the epitome of livable luxury. With its easy-care materials and versatile uses, such as picnics, tailgating, and cozy nights at home, it’s a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Tracy and learn more about the inspiration behind her brand and her commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

When asked about the meaning behind Pretty Rugged’s name, Tracy explained that it was born out of a desire to create a product that was both beautiful and durable. She wanted a blanket that would keep her family warm and dry during their boat rides, and when none existed, she took matters into her own hands. The name came to her naturally, signifying that the blankets are pretty yet rugged enough to withstand any adventure.

Tracy’s great-great-grandfather, Captain Joshua Slocum, continues to be a source of inspiration for her and the brand. His fearless spirit and determination to sail around the world alone at the age of 51 motivate Tracy to follow her dreams and pursue her entrepreneurial endeavors. She believes that age should never limit one’s ability to accomplish their goals and hopes to inspire others, especially women, to chase their dreams.

What sets Pretty Rugged apart from other blankets on the market is their patented technology. By combining faux fur with a windproof and waterproof backing, Pretty Rugged ensures that their blankets can withstand even the harshest elements. They have even expanded their product line to include indoor blankets with a waterproof satin backing, perfect for cozy nights on the couch without worrying about spills. The faux fur used in Pretty Rugged blankets is the softest and highest quality, adding a touch of luxury to every use.

In addition to their innovative technology, Pretty Rugged blankets also feature an Americana Ribbon Embellishment. Tracy wanted to incorporate the spirit of the American Dream into her brand, so she chose to include red, white, and blue ribbons on each blanket. The ribbon serves as a symbol of pride and success, a tribute to all the “pretty rugged” individuals out there who are living their own version of the American Dream.

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As a company, Pretty Rugged values innovation, courage, and passion. They aim to create products that are not only beautiful but also functional and durable. In addition to their blankets, Pretty Rugged offers women’s outerwear, accessories, and other products that meet their high standards for quality and versatility. They take their time when developing new products, ensuring that each one meets the needs and desires of their customers.

Speaking of customers, Pretty Rugged appeals to a wide range of individuals. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates comfort in any situation, Pretty Rugged has something for you.

And the excitement doesn’t stop there! Tracy hinted at upcoming product launches in the future, promising even more innovations and surprises in store for Pretty Rugged customers.

To experience the luxury and innovation of Pretty Rugged for yourself, visit their website at Trust me, once you try their blankets, you’ll never settle for anything less.


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