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How to Buy a Gift That Stands Out These Holidays

Plevo Smart Luggage

It’s that time already, and you may be feeling the pressure to buy your loved ones a gift that really makes you stand out in their mind, and lets them know you care for them, even if you haven’t called all year. Here are some of the most exciting, helpful, useful or interesting gift ideas of 2022.

Plevo Smart Luggage

Someone thought of all the things you need to do when travelling, and designed luggage that does it all for you. Plevo combines beautiful and innovative design and product engineering with a reasonable cost.

Plevo luggage has built-in GPS tracking, weight sensors, garment hangers, distance alerts, removable battery pack and wheels, and a unique garment hanger system to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. Your luggage also comes with a convenient smartphone app.

Blunt Umbrellas

On a rainy, windy day you need to be careful that your umbrella doesn’t blow away. You also need to be careful of the sharp points that might come loose in strong wind – unless, of course, you have a BLUNT Umbrella. Combining superior engineering with beautiful design, BLUNT umbrellas come in a wide range of bright fashion colours, and are tested to extremes to make sure you turn a frustration into fashion.

Mymanu Translation Earbuds

Planning to travel to somewhere they don’t speak your language? Mymanu is the world’s first live voice translation earbuds, giving you instant voice translation of another language, as it is spoken to you. So far, Mymanu has over 37+ languages built-in, enough to help you connect with more than 2 billion people, if you should want to. While you’re not listening to other languages, you can enjoy your favorite music in HD.

Dust & Glow Beauty Care

The cosmetics industry makes people feel fabulous but also extracts a large toll from the environment. Every year, over 80 billion plastic bottles are disposed of from shampoo and conditioner alone. Dust & Glow is a conscious beauty brand that provides cosmetics in powder form, making it easy to store and easy to use – just add water. This innovative approach protects our planet, while also protecting you from harmful artificial ingredients. Start with the “Get Glowing Duo” – Detox Cleanser & Mask, and Daily Polisher.

Mutual Skincare

Speaking of innovative beauty care, Mutual Skincare is an online artificial intelligence tool that delivers you a personalized skin assessment, and the right beauty formula for your skin. Based on the information you provide, Mutual Skincare develops a one-of-a-kind, personalized blend of cosmetics made just for your skin.

Verefa V60 Pro Robot Vacuum

This self-emptying Robot Vacuum is the best value on the market, delivering unmatched performance with 2700Pa of suction. The V60 Pro can tell when it’s on carpet, and adjusts the power accordingly.

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The V60 Pro uses artificial intelligence to get to know your place better than you do. You won’t even have to think about it until you change the (hands-free) dust bag every two months or so.


If you think a robot vacuum is cool, you should try the Teslasuit. It’s a haptic VR suit and glove with force feedback, so it doesn’t matter where you are – with a strong internet connection you can experience full immersion through the power of touch. Ideal for training for all kinds of physical work, or even long-distance sports, the Teslasuit is probably outside many people’s price ranges, with develop kits beginning at USD$12,999, but for the gamer who really wants to experience another world, this is something to look out for.

The Floeting Diamond

We have become so used to seeing diamonds attached to jewellery with a claw or clasp, it is breathtaking when you first see the Floeting Diamond, a new and innovative way to present diamonds, as if the diamond itself is suspended above the ring, pendant or ear stud. The intricacy of diamonds with the stunning simplicity of the Floeting Diamond design.

The Lost Loch Wee Box of Five

Scotland is a land of stunning natural beauty and ancient culture. It is also the home to a remote distillery, creators of a range of exciting and exotic spirits. The Wee Box of Five gives your special someone a wild taste of the Highlands, with miniature bottles of whisky liqueur, eeNoo brand gin, Murmichan absinthe, Singular Series vanilla rum and Singular series Rucolino – that’s rocket-infused gin.

Deadly Ponies

New Zealand-based Deadly Ponies is on a mission to become the world’s most responsible handbag brand. The Carbon Zero certified fashion brand produces creates colorful and stylish leather handbags and accessories. But Deadly Ponies isn’t just for the ladies on your gift list – check out their men’s line also.

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