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Have You Tried The New Balmuda Brew Coffee Maker?

We’ve got a pretty big preoccupation with coffee here at The Status Life and it helps to fuel us through the day truth be told so we’re always on the lookout for new coffee machines to chuck our money at. Well, we’ve likely just found the next candidate in the shape of this Balmuda The Brew Coffee Maker that looks awesome and will deliver a delicious brew each and every time. If you want barista-quality coffee but have grown accustomed to not leaving your house of late, you can invest in a quality coffee machine like this, and trips to your local coffee shop can become a thing of the past.

The Balmuda The Brew Coffee Maker is an aesthetically superior offering that will add a touch of visual impetus to your kitchen with its sleek visuals and bold design features. This is the first coffee machine from Japanese design studio, Balmuda, and from what we can see, they’ve undoubtedly hit a home run right off the bat. It has been in design and development for over six years and this impressive device uses an open-drip brewing method specially designed to bring professional-grade coffee to your home. What’s not to like?

Get That Caffeine Fix

In a departure from standard coffee makers, The Brew Coffee Maker from Balmuda dispenses individual cups of drip-brew coffee in regular, strong, and iced-brew modes and you can choose from three different cup sizes – depending on how big caffeine hit you require. It is a little over five inches wide so it has a footprint not much larger than a standard coffee cup saucer, which means it is perfectly suited for compact kitchens. It’s also incredibly easy on the eyes, with a matte black exterior that contrasts superbly with the sophisticated stainless steel carafe.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Balmuda The Brew Coffee Maker, which retails for $540, will deliver barista-quality coffee without having to put in all of the legwork – which sounds pretty good to us. All you have to do is set the filter and grounds in the dripper and fill up the tank with water. A light will illuminate along with a startup noise and it is at this point that you can select any of the three extraction modes from regular to strong and iced and it really is as simple as that to have amazing tasting coffee in your own home.

Depending on the mode and temperature that you go for when deciding on your coffee with The Brew, the whole process can take just four minutes to complete. Even better, once it’s done, it’s effortless to clean: The tank, carafe and dripper can all be washed with water, and there’s a cleaning mode that will descale the maker’s interior using citric acid water. Alas, only Japanese coffee drinkers can enjoy this ace-looking machine right now but fingers crossed it will have a more worldwide release before long as the rest of Balmuda’s products have.

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Image Source: Robb Report

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