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Funding The Future: How Past Success Allows For Investment That Positively Impacts The World

For many people recently, the world has been turned upside down. From Covid-19 hitting to the ongoing war in Ukraine, many of us have had to change our outlook on life. And that includes the way we do business and what we choose to invest in. 

I’m Dmytro Pereverten. And as a serial entrepreneur and investor, I’m always on the lookout for the next big thing in business. I’m constantly looking for new projects and ways to invest my money, knowledge, and experience. Not just to succeed in business but also to positively impact the world.

Past Success, Future Prosperity

For many years, I ran a marketing studio, EBSH, and affiliate program generator with over 200 staff members. We would arrange leads for real estate agents in the Commonwealth of Independent States and Dubai. And working with major commercial advertisers, we would deliver powerful leads in huge quantities. 

The values founded at EBSH are timeless. We value each other and strive to create positive relationships. Recognizing that intelligence is an essential factor and prioritizing it in our interactions. Every person should be seen as an individual and handled with respect. No matter their role. We take accountability for our decisions and don’t leave our future to chance. Instead, we take the reins of our own destiny. These principles have become the foundation of all the work I do. 

For the past three years, I have worked diligently with A comprehensive mobile app creation and monetization studio. The team at lightapps develops mobile apps for IOS and Android designed to help simplify the lives of our customers. We’ve established more than 15 applications to date, with a total of over 10 million downloads. These applications focus on security and lifestyle. 

These successes set me on a path to making investments that might just change the world. 

Investing Positively

Investments that impact the world positively continue to be at the forefront of my mind. Because of this, I’ve funded more than 5 companies. One is Unitfab, a firm that specializes in modular development. 

Unitfab is a reputable manufacturing company specializing in constructing homes and hotels in their factory. Being in charge of quality control means they can offer competitive prices due to our direct-to-consumer sales. They believe the traditional approach of gradually constructing a house over a period of years has become outdated. And lockdown proved to Unitfab’s chief executive that people are fed up with apartment-style living. They want to live in houses. 

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Unitfab provides spacious, reliable, functional, and safe houses for anyone who needs them. Most notably for Ukrainian refugees. The war has necessitated the reconstruction and revival of Ukrainian cities, which is now their primary objective. Determined to deliver modern housing for Ukrainians who have had their residences demolished, they’ve helped 63471 individuals to date who have applied. Helping them start the process of getting a home as they no longer have one as a result of the war.

Funding Our Future

Investment in the Ukrainian army is an investment in our nation’s future. Unitfab is helping house our people; I’m doing my part in my own way. The war has already taken too many lives and caused immense suffering and disruption. We must stand together in solidarity to ensure that we are never forced to experience such horrors again. Funding our military is a vital part of this effort. It enables us to modernize our weapons and other equipment, train our personnel in combat-ready tactics, and effectively counter any further aggression.

As a Ukrainian, I am proud to have significantly contributed to this cause. Spending more than $500,000 on the army and individual units, my investment can help them gain victory over Russia-backed forces and separatists. Such investment isn’t heroic on my part. But necessary for the long-term security of Ukraine.

My investment in the Ukrainian army is an act of patriotism. But also an investment in my future and that of my family and fellow citizens. We are all responsible for ensuring that Ukraine remains secure for future generations. By supporting our military, we are protecting our independence, sovereignty, freedom, and prosperity far into the future.

Looking Ahead

The benefits of my current investments have led me to plan to invest further in the future. My aim now is to create an investment fund focussing on smart investments connected to the internet.

The internet has revolutionized the investment landscape with increased automation and transparency. With this in mind, I plan to leverage the power of technology by focusing my investments on companies utilizing the power of the internet for their own purposes. Additionally, creating an environment where investors can easily access information and make informed decisions about their investments. 

To launch a robust investment fund, researching the sector, studying market trends, and investing in companies with sound fundamentals are integral. Creating a portfolio of investments well diversified across different sectors and industries. This minimizes risk and manages volatility by investing in assets with low correlations with each other. 

Launching and managing new investments in this way gives me security. A security that allows me to continue to positively impact areas that matter to me. 


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Image by Donald Tong via Pexels

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