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Experience Luxury At St. Ermin’s Hotel In London’s Central District

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Experience luxury and a rich history of espionage in Central London at the St. Ermin’s Hotel. Located near St. James Park in Westminster, this 4-star hotel seamlessly blends opulence with intrigue, making it one of the most iconic in London.

This hotel has ties to the Special Operations Executive (SOE) and Secret Intelligence Service (SIS or MI6) during World War II. Its walls carry the legacy of literary legends and undercover spies, leaving a lasting mark on its storied past.

The hotel has a fascinating history of espionage connections, with its Caxton Bar having been a meeting place for spies and intelligence officers. Its discreet location, close to government buildings and Parliament, made it an ideal hub for covert operations.

Visitors can enjoy a ‘Bowler Hat’ cocktail at the renowned Caxton Grill, made with the hotel’s own gin, infused with a variety of botanicals and honey from the hotel’s resident bees. The hotel also offers culinary delights at the Caxton Grill, surrounded by old-world charm and expertly crafted cocktails.

With 331 elegantly designed rooms, guests can explore historical displays showcasing the hotel’s espionage days. The hotel’s literary connections extend to Peter Matthews’ ‘House of Spies,’ which delves into its enigmatic past, weaving a tale of espionage within its ornate walls.

Beyond the hotel, guests can visit nearby landmarks and attractions, from Westminster Abbey to the scenic River Thames. St. Ermin’s Hotel promises an extraordinary London experience for history enthusiasts and lovers of luxury.

As part of Autograph Collection Hotels, St. Ermin’s Hotel maintains its individuality, offering a blend of luxury and local culture specific to its property. The hotel’s commitment to sustainability is further displayed through its resident bees, producing delicious honey for the hotel’s menus.

A stay at St. Ermin’s Hotel offers a memorable and immersive journey into London’s past and vibrant present, ensuring a lasting impression on every visitor. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, lover of luxury, or simply seeking an extraordinary London experience, St. Ermin’s Hotel is ready to welcome you with open arms.

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