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Exciting Low-Alcohol Beers to Try in 2021

Image Source: Pixabay

While we may prefer full-strength beers, the market now offers some excellent low-alcohol options from independent brewers. Here are 8 of the most exciting ones:

Beavertown Lazer Crush

Beavertown Lazer Crush is a bold IPA with only 0.3% ABV. It is brewed using a special yeast that ferments pilsner malt without producing alcohol, resulting in a peachy fruit flavor. The heavy-duty hops used bring out mango, orange, and citrus notes typical of an IPA.

Big Drop Brewing Co Pine Trail Alcohol Free Pale Ale

Pine Trail Pale Ale by Big Drop Brewing Co is a flavorful non-alcoholic beer with rosy floral aromas, limey citrus flavors, and a balanced bitterness. It is a refreshing choice for the upcoming spring season.

To Øl Implosion Low Alcohol Beer

To Øl Implosion beer offers complexity and flavor with a low 0.3% ABV. It has pleasant peachy notes, fresh hop aromas, and no hangover, providing a light and enjoyable drinking experience.

Lucky Saint Beer

Lucky Saint Beer is a 0.5% unfiltered lager crafted with over four centuries of brewing heritage. Leaving the ale unfiltered maximizes flavor, making it a standout choice in the low-alcohol beer category.

Nivarna Brewery Hoppy Pale Ale

Hoppy Pale Ale from Nivarna Brewery is a sessionable beer with fruity Mosaic hops, offering tropical and floral aromas with a dry, bitter finish. It has quickly become a popular choice for everyday drinking.

Drop Bear Beer Co Bonfire Stout

Bonfire Stout by Drop Bear Beer Co is a dark, alcohol-free beer with roasted coffee, smoked malt, and dark chocolate flavors. It offers a smooth finish inspired by traditional stouts, catering to those seeking a rich and flavorful non-alcoholic option.

Hambleton Point 5 Pale Ale

Point 5 Pale Ale from Hambleton Brewery is a pale ale rich in flavor with American hops. Despite its low alcohol content, it delivers a delicious aftertaste, making it a top choice for those looking for a flavorful yet light option.

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Vandestreek Playground Low Alcohol IPA

Playground IPA by Vandestreek is a low-alcohol beer packed with flavor. Brewed with American hops, it offers citrus and tropical fruit notes with a pleasant bitterness, making it a great choice for those craving taste without the alcohol content.

Image Source: Pixabay

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