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Discover the gem of Central Asia with Nomad Treasures, America’s first luxury travel organizer for the country

Kazakhstan – Discover the gem of Central Asia with Nomad Treasures, America’s first luxury travel organizer for the country

Get ready to explore the vastest stretch of natural beauty on Earth. Spanning nearly 3,000 kilometers from the Caspian Sea to the Tian Shan Mountains, Kazakhstan is a seemingly endless wonderland. In that space, there’s a variety of stunning flora and fauna, steppe land that stretches into the horizon, and people whose kindness and hospitality are unmatched.

Visiting Kazakhstan just got even easier thanks to Nomad Treasures, a Kazakh-owned and operated travel company dedicated to giving you the best experience possible in the country. They offer a variety of different tours showing you the best of city life, nature, and remote gems. Each booking is tailor-made to your wants and needs, so they can accommodate all group sizes and any type of traveler.

What’s more, you’ll always ride in style. Nomad Treasures has a fleet of luxury vehicles, providing maximum comfort for guests as they enjoy stunning views, top-rated hotels, and gourmet local food.

Nomad Treasures is one of the most detailed-oriented tour providers on the market. As natives, they know exactly what makes their homeland unique and what parts show it off the best. From the second you land to the moment you leave, you'll be in the care of experts and people who love spoiling guests!

Why Kazakhstan?

Danel Kurmankulova eats, breathes, and sleeps travel. The Nomad Treasures CEO was born and raised in Kazakhstan, frequently exploring every corner of the country. She began her career as a world traveler at just 16 when she relocated to China, and 5 years later to the United States.

Her company was born out of a desire to show her native Kazakhstan to the world. After a couple of years of working as a luxury travel advisor, she noticed a strange pattern. Something was missing from the world of luxury travel– a huge, Kazakhstan-sized void! Danel was stunned that tour providers weren’t taking people to her home country, a place she knows has plenty to offer for people of all interests– families, couples, solo adventurers, and more!

“After learning everything about luxury travel and working there for a few years, I started to realize that these companies who ran tours to so many countries didn’t have any offers for Kazakhstan. I thought it was odd because it’s such a beautiful country. With this in mind, I started researching places that I could take visitors to. So, I created Nomad Treasures to bring more people to Kazakhstan and give them the best representation of it.”

Few people are more qualified to curate your Kazakh adventure than Danel. As a native, she has a vast network of tour guides, drivers, and hotel owners across the country that she has accumulated over her career in the luxury travel industry. She’s thrilled to have the opportunity to expose visitors to Kazakhstan’s rich natural beauty and cultural heritage.

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“I like to think of myself as a nomad honoring my roots and opening my country to people! I am always thinking one step ahead and paying attention to the smallest details, to make your trip unforgettable.”

A land of nonstop fun and adventure awaits. Read below for a taste of what Nomad Treasures has to offer!

City stopovers

No trip to Kazakhstan is complete without spending some time in the capital Astana and the largest city, Almaty. Both are vibrant cultural and economic centers whose futuristic architecture gives cities like Dubai a run for their money.

Book a day in either city and Nomad Treasures will hook you up with a driver who’ll show you around in a luxury ride. See the city through the eyes of a local. Your driver doubles as a guide with an encyclopedic knowledge of their hometown’s history and sights. They know exactly what makes their cities unique and are eager to show them off to foreigners!

Hit Astana and take in the grandeur of the nation’s capital. It’s also home to some of that sweet, futuristic architecture we mentioned earlier. Your guide will get you up close and personal with Baiterek, the skyline’s most iconic feature and symbol of the nation’s independence. They’ll also know the best spots to try national cuisine. Where’s a better place to try Kazakhstan’s national dish, Beshbarmak, than in the capital? Next, book Almaty for a fast-paced adventure. The huge former capital is easily Kazakhstan’s most youthful city. Its streets are lined with luxury shopping malls and food from all across the globe. Visit in the summer and take part in Almaty’s burgeoning nightlife scene. Coming in the winter doesn’t mean missing out on the fun though! The city is still alive with events and parties, and you can visit the world’s only metropolitan ski resort. That’s right– you only need to go as far as the city limits to hit the slopes at Shymbulak.

A 2-day jaunt in the Kazakh wilderness

It’s hard to imagine life outside sprawling metropolises like Astana and Almaty. But look at the map and you’ll notice they’re just two tiny dots in a monster of a country! Seeing the incredibly diverse Kazakh countryside is a must. Nomad Treasures makes this a breeze offering visitors a 2-day immersion in Kazakhstan’s “Golden Triangle.” Its intriguing name refers to a small area tucked in the southeast corner of the country. This region, a stone’s throw from China and Kyrgyzstan, is home to some of Central

Asia’s most mind-blowing natural wonders:

  • Charyn Canyon National Park: a 50-mile-long canyon network containing 5 smaller canyons that run along the turquoise Charyn river. The canyon has several hiking trails affording impeccable views. Exploring every corner of the park would take a week. However, Nomad Treasures’ private jeep tours can help you conquer the place in a day!
  • Kolsai Lakes National Park: Three gorgeous lakes are situated in this park on the northern slopes of the Tian Shan mountains. Each has a characteristic hue that makes them all worth seeing.
  • Altyn Emel National Park: This place is a natural biome park. Spend a few hours inside and see dunes, jagged mountain peaks, and lush, green pastures. When you visit, listen carefully – dunes make a low hum when the wind blows and scatters sand, earning them the nickname “The Singing Dunes”. Nomad Treasures operates tours to the Golden Triangle and many more nature destinations across Kazakhstan. Book a private jeep tour and see the best spots without breaking a sweat.

A holy city on the Silk Road

Ask a foreigner to locate Turkestan on a map and they might scratch their heads. It’s often overlooked by visitors despite being named a must-see by the Kazakh government. Established around 1,600 years ago, the city was a Silk Road trade hub. It grew in power over the centuries, eventually becoming the capital of the Kazakh Khanate for over 150 years. As a result, dozens of historical figures who are important to Kazakhstan’s national identity lived and died here, including Khawaja Ahmed Yasawi, a figure in Sufism whose mausoleum is now a pilgrimage and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nomad Treasures offers a 2-day package for those adventurous souls who yearn to see Turkestan. Read more about their offer on their website. Nomad Treasures is a luxury travel company that organizes private tours in Kazakhstan and the rest of Central Asia. They cater to all types of adventurers, providing excursions to major cities, national parks, and more remote attractions of significance. Packages include private transport or car rentals. For more information on destinations and pricing, visit


Featured Image Credit: Nomad Treasures

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