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Discover the Excellence of Hospitality at The Elegant Fitzwilliam Hotel

As you are welcomed by sophisticated doormen dressed impeccably in silk suits and top hats, you can feel the warmth awaiting you at the door – a sign of the luxurious experience ahead.

This initial impression sets the tone for your stay at the 146-room, 5-star Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, and it lingers throughout your stay.

Situated next to the Grand Opera House on Great Victoria Street in the heart of downtown Belfast, it is hard to find a more convenient location to explore the city’s attractions.

Upon entering from one of the two entrances off the bustling streets, you will find a spacious lobby furnished with ample seating and two impressive bookshelves filled with a diverse range of reading materials. The color scheme is vibrant, with pink leather couches and wall padding contrasting with gray flooring, creating a striking ambiance.

Upstairs, the corridors are softly lit, adorned with vintage wall lamps and mirrored doors, offering a nostalgic touch that reflects the rich history of Belfast.

Room 711 provides panoramic views of downtown Belfast, overseeing iconic landmarks such as the Victorian green towers of Inst and ‘Napoleon’s Nose,’ a distinctive geological feature in the distance.

The hotel’s restaurant features elegant crimson seating and a menu offering a variety of delectable dishes, from steak to salmon to duck, providing a delightful dining experience. The exquisite food is complemented by a selection of classic cocktails and local drinks.

Private dining options are available for groups, and the hotel’s breakfast spread caters to various preferences, including a hearty ‘full Irish’ breakfast or lighter options like smoked salmon on sourdough toast.

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Although lacking a spa or gym, The Fitzwilliam Hotel boasts a charming ground-floor cocktail bar, perfect for unwinding with live music on weekends.

Belfast’s relaxed charm makes it a delightful destination, and The Fitzwilliam Hotel offers an exceptional accommodation choice for your visit.

Image Source: Audley Travel

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