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Discover Stylish Hand Bags by Gladstn London

When Richard Sharman, a frequent traveler, grew tired of juggling multiple bags for his belongings, he decided to create the perfect all-in-one bag. During his global travels, he envisioned a versatile carryall that would suit his needs on the go. Sharman wanted a bag that not only matched his style but was also functional and elegant for any occasion, whether it be business trips or leisure travel. This vision led to the birth of Gladstn London. A former business executive, Sharman shifted his focus to developing a range of premium leather bags catering to diverse requirements. By understanding the necessities of travelers, he launched the brand in 2015, initially targeting male customers seeking refined luxury leather bags for various purposes like business and everyday use. However, the brand’s unisex and gender-neutral designs also appealed to female clientele. Over time, the brand expanded its offerings to include smaller and lighter bags tailored to its female fan base.

Gladstn London’s collections comprise a curated array of bag styles, each exuding effortless sophistication and functionality. The Everyday Friends Collection features bags suitable for every journey. The Hands-Free Backpack (offered in two sizes) boasts compartments with high-quality zippers and padded space for a laptop, making it a convenient travel companion. Pair it with the compact Freedom of the City handbag for a versatile travel duo. This Venetian calf-skin bag is perfect for carrying essentials like sunglasses, a phone, and cards, complete with an adjustable leather cross-body strap and detachable wrist strap. Enhance your travel experience with the lightweight, four-wheeled Mad Dash trolley case, which easily fits in overhead compartments.

Gladstn London Hands-Free Backpack

For beach outings, the Hampton Bag serves as a versatile everyday tote. Business meetings call for the Case in Point soft construction briefcase. The Renegade offers a spacious city bag with a woven shoulder strap, padlock, and key, while the distinctive pyramidal shape and snap lock clasp of the Carte Blanche make it a versatile choice. For quick overnight trips, the generously sized Late Nights and Lie Ins bag accommodates all essentials.

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Moreover, Gladstn London offers limited edition pieces, and its bespoke service allows clients to collaborate on creating personalized items. Sharman expressed his delight in crafting custom bags for customers, providing them with a unique and cherished experience in the luxury industry where mass production dominates.

Gladstn London Late Nights and Lie Ins

Sharman, who named the company as a tribute to the renowned British Gladstone Bag associated with the ‘London Made’ leather craftsmanship era, emphasizes the privilege of working with skilled artisans dedicated to preserving heritage craftsmanship. He values the connection his bags establish with customers, becoming trusted companions on their journeys and reflecting their personal styles, much like they are to him.

Each Gladstn London bag epitomizes luxury with a focus on durability. Designed in London and crafted in Italy, every piece features a discreetly embossed logo, symbolizing superior quality and meticulous construction. Sharman introduced the Gladstn London marque, a unique emblem combining the brand’s initials GL, the Gryphon representing London, and 15 signifying the founding year, as a hallmark of unwavering craftsmanship and enduring excellence.

Gladstn London Marque

The brand upholds traditional craftsmanship principles, reviving age-old hand-crafting techniques of experienced artisans who work with premium leathers sourced from Europe’s top tanneries. Using the finest hardware double-coated in satin Palladium and meticulously crafted by artisans in Florentine, Gladstn London ensures each bag meets the highest standards of quality and sophistication.Jewelers. Linings are crafted from Alcantara, a synthetic fabric known for its luxurious cashmere-like texture. The standout feature of Gladstn London lies in their meticulous stitching, with a house standard of six stitches per inch. Moreover, Gladstn London is enthusiastic about exploring plant-based alternatives to traditional leather.

“We’ve always produced bags in very limited quantities,” shared Sharman, emphasizing his company’s independent standing. When discussing companies with similar business models in the leather goods industry, he mentions renowned brands like Marc Cross in the US, Valextra in Italy, Connolly in the UK, and even high-end labels such as Tom Ford and Berluti. “Our customers seek exclusivity; they prefer owning something unique and not mass-produced. This can be quite challenging in an industry focused on mass production.”

Just like its products, Gladstn London’s enthusiasts tend to appreciate sophisticated style and quality over ostentation and trendiness. Notably, iconic celebrity stylist Patricia Field, known for her work on “Sex and the City” and “The Devil Wears Prada,” recently gifted a Gladstn London Carte Blanch bag to actress Kim Cattrall. The brand, honored as Luxury Briefing’s Emerging Brand of the Year in 2019 and Corporate Live Wire’s 2022/23 Luxury Luggage Brand Of The Year, is available exclusively at Harrods in the UK and directly to consumers through the Gladstn London website. Shipping and returns are complimentary, with duties covered for the US, Canada, and Europe. Sharman mentioned, “We have opted to sell our bags online due to our limited production. We aim to make it convenient for customers worldwide to acquire their desired bag, hence our decision to introduce our bags in select luxury locations globally. Soon, our bags will be available in the Caribbean and the United States. We want to offer our clientele the opportunity to view our bags in luxury settings they admire and easily make secure purchases directly from us, supported by our concierge service for any inquiries.”

Sharman concludes by stating, “Our bags, like a trusted companion, accompany you on your journeys, exuding a refined elegance that complements your style. They seamlessly integrate into your wardrobe, enrich your life, and capture attention. Being asked, ‘Where did you get that exquisite bag?’ will always be a significant compliment to me in life.”

Image Source: Meet The Leader

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