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Checkout The New Sutsu Organic Embroidery Collection

Image Source: Unsplash

The clothing industry is one of the biggest negative impacts on the environment right now so finding brands that strive to make their apparel as ethically and eco-friendly as possible is something that we should be on board with. One such brand is that of Sutsu who began back in 2004 with the goal to create a progressive menswear brand that has a positive commitment to all that it touches. Needless to say, they’ve achieved that and much more.


Sutsu are all about being transparent about how they operate, from being honest about how their clothes are made, to how much they cost to make, they always tell it like it is. They figure as long as they produce organic streetwear clothes that you love – which allows them to help fund environmental projects that they care about – then there’s nothing to hide.

The latest release from the guys at Sutsu is their awesome looking Organic Embroidery Collection which elevates their t-shirts and sweatshirts to another level, raising the bar in terms of quality and attention to detail. As with all the brand’s prints, their artwork is inspired by nature and built for adventure. So are their principles: they use organic cotton for all their apparel simply because it’s better for the environment. Check out our pick of the best bits from the Sutsu Organic Embroidery Collection below:


The embroidered Sutsu Dive Bomb T-Shirt is a favourite of ours at The Status Life. Taking its inspiration from nature, made without waste, and stitched with delight. Our feathered friends fill the skies with beauty. Their avian antics are a sight to behold. And there’s always one joker in the flock. This t-shirt is a cornerstone of Sutsu’s organic embroidery collection. Sustainable clothing from Sutsu with an ethical approach in every stitch.

buy now | £19.99


Eco-friendly to the max, we’re loving the In Cloud Tee from Sutsu. One of their key production differentiators is that all our Sutsu T-Shirts are made on request. By holding no stock it means they have less impact on the environment at production level (less farming / carbon footprint etc.) because they don’t needlessly produce extra stock, but it also means they reduce our overheads & carbon footprint here in London. Win, win.

buy now | £19.99


Available in a number of different colourways to suit your own style persuasions, the Out of Sun Sweater from Sutsu will be perfect for those chillier spring and summer nights. As a brand, Sutsu are acutely aware of the impact their business has on mother nature. With this in mind they aim to be environmentally neutral (and if possible positive) and they achieve this through their choice of materials such as the certified 85% Combed Organic Cotton, 15% Recycled Polyester used here. And, better still, two trees will be planted for every sale.

BUY NOW | £36.99


Looking for something with a coastal vibe to add to your spring / summer wardrobe, the Choppy Waters Sweatshirt from Sutsu will tick all of the right boxes. Alongside their environmental and social decisions, Sutsu want to show you exactly how much each sweatshirt costs them to make, how much goes to the tax man, how much goes to their charitable partner(s) and how much ends up in their bank account so you can make an informed decision about buying their awesome wares.

buy now | £36.99


We love the wilderness inspired aesthetic of all the clothing from Sutsu and the fact this latest collection offers embroidered artwork really ramps up the tangible quality of their gear. The Everlasting T-Shirt is perfect for outdoor lovers everywhere and if you’re wanting to add some new t-shirts to your lineup, this one won’t let you down. Ethically made and aesthetically superior, what’s not to like?

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buy now | £19.99
Image Source: Unsplash

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