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Checkout The New Insta360 GO 2 Action Camera

Image Source: Lee Liu / Shutterstock

If you live an action packed lifestyle and want to capture some of your adventures in style, and with a considerable clarity, you’ll definitely want to check out the small but perfectly formed Insta360 GO 2 Action Camera. Billed as the world’s smallest action camera, this impressive bit of kit might be tiny but it delivers a mighty performance. It weighs about 6x lighter than your old action cam, with the same sized image sensor, and fits perfectly on your shirt so you’ll not even notice it when you’re out recording your adventures – whether this be shooting hopes, a wilderness walk or a skydive.

The Insta360 GO 2 Action Camera retails for £294.99 for the standalone device or, if you want to go all in, you can get the All-Purpose Kit with all the add-ons for £364 – it just depends on the sort of action you’re looking to record and whether these extras are going to enhance the quality of footage you capture. The standout feature of the camera is the FlowRate Stabilisation which, quite frankly, has to be seen to believed as it is so buttery smooth even when capturing video on runners, sportsmen or other adrenaline filled pursuits.


Such is the quality of the stabilisation on the Insta360 GO 2 Action Camera, you can move it about all you want without worrying it will impact the quality of the footage you’re creating. The camera’s horizon leveling algorithms will keep the video upright no matter what. Given its diminutive stature, the GO 2 is mountable pretty much anywhere you can think of and this is great for capturing unusual and unique videos of your activities from paint strokes to food-prep and more. You could even mount it on your cat and see what your four-legged friend gets up to during the day. Which, let’s face it, is probably sleeping.

Love time-lapse videos? The Insta360 GO 2 Action Camera (£294.99) has got your back. Jam pack all the action into a speedy hyperlapse with TimeShift mode which is up to 6x faster than real life. Pick a spot and record a timelapse from any angle. At night, turn on Nightlapse mode and GO 2 will use its brains (and some rather nifty AI) to adjust the exposure and intervals. The end results will blow your socks off and provide some compelling video memories that you’ll want to enjoy time and time again.

GO 2’s Charge Case is an impressive addition to this action camera and does considerably more than you’d think. It’s a case, charger, controller and tripod all in one. Charge up in just half an hour and shoot for up to 2.5 hours. That’s double what you’ll get out of most action cams and use the case to dial in your settings and capture from up to 33ft (10m) away. The camera is IPX8 Waterproof which means you can dunk it up to 13ft to record underwater footage and if you turn on AquaVision in the app, you will get upgraded from the bottom up, as the algorithm now produces even more realistic and vivid colours underwater than ever before. After a tiny but mighty action camera? The GO 2 gets our vote here at The Status Life.

Image Source: Lee Liu / Shutterstock

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