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Checkout The Fioboc’s Most Sustainable Mens T-Shirts

Image Source: SFIO CRACHO / Shutterstock

As you’re doubtless aware, the fashion industry is one of the biggest issues facing the planet today from an environmental perspective so it’s in everyone’s interests to seek out brands that create their apparel in a more eco-friendly and sustainable manner. So far as your T-shirt needs are concerned, you don’t have to look any further than Fioboc and their first class line up of sustainable men’s T-shirts. Fast fashion encourages overconsumption and waste and it is having a massively detrimental impact on the environment.

Fioboc put sustainable thinking front and centre of everything that they do. They are investing in quality fabrics and workmanship, but it also focus on the combination of fashion and functionality to create the sort of T-shirts that look great but you can also feel good about wearing at the same time as well. The Fioboc brand began after struggling to find the perfect t-shirt that could be worn in a variety of places. The perfect cooling t-shirt that can be worn professionally at work and styled to the gym after get off work. They couldn’t find it, so they made it. And, better still, they have made it as sustainable and eco-friendly as they possibly can.

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Before the fantastic, eco-friendly T-shirts from Fioboc hit the market, their team has visited large amounts of clothing industries and brands in the world and spent many years developing their own custom yarns and fabrics to use in the creation of their top quality menswear. The fabric is both robust and does not deform over time so it is the sort of tee that you can wear wherever your adventures may take you. They are always experimenting with fitted versions and learning the details of construction to ensure their T-shirts are amongst the best on the market and we’re particularly impressed with the their stain-proof and waterproof T-shirt here at The Status Life.

With prices starting at a thoroughly reasonable $59, the superbly stylish and ridiculous comfortable Fioboc T-Shirts are exceptional value for money in our opinion here at The Status Life and if you’re looking to add a sustainable vibe to your summer wardrobe, look no further. One of the main components of these tees is bamboo fibre which is extracted from annually renewable plant-based bamboos. It is a natural eco-friendly fibre and can be unceasingly regenerated. It offers excellent breathability, hydrophobicity and robustness. It also functions brilliantly as a bacteria repellent, acarus remover, deodoriser and has a high amount of UV resistance. What’s not to like?

Another area in which Fioboc showcase their green credentials is with their packaging. As part of their Earth-First pledge to the planet, they are committed to replacing all single-use plastics by sustainable options and they use only recyclable boxes for their ace looking T-shirts. We love T-shirts that deliver exceptional comfort and do so in style and that’s exactly what you get with the small but perfectly formed line up of gear from the guys at Fioboc. Add some sustainability to your summer wardrobe.

Image Source: SFIO CRACHO / Shutterstock

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