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Checkout The All New Hasselblad X2D 100C Camera

When you think of cameras and photography, one of the first names that will spring to mind for most is that of Hasselblad and that is testament to the quality of the wares that they produce and they have positively excelled themselves with their latest camera on the market, the frankly astounding X2D 100C. Don’t expect to pick one up cheap though as the X2D retails for $8199 which, needless to say, is a lot to pay for a camera but when you delve into the details, you’ll see why it will be money well spent if you have it.

The Hasselblad X2D 100C Camera sees inspiration in every detail and delivers a performance which really is unparalleled. This spectacular release establishes itself as Hasselblad’s flagship mirrorless medium format camera. A 100-megapixel CMOS sensor and advancements in image quality, focusing, stabilisation, responsiveness, and storage, are built into iconic Scandinavian design and you’ll not find a better looking camera on the market – nor one that takes photos so exceptional.

The X2D from Hasselblad makes use of a 100-megapixel medium format back-side illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor with a native ISO of 64, capturing vivid colour and detail. Over 281 trillion colours are represented with the 16-bit colour depth. This immense dimension of colour paired with 15 stops of dynamic range allows the extraordinary X2D 100C Camera to capture true-to-life highlights and shadows with natural transitions.

It boasts quicker response times, making sure that important moments are quickly captured. The electronic viewfinder (EVF) magnifies up to 1.0x, expanding the camera view for a more engrossing experience. An enhanced 5.76-million-dot OLED screen supports electric refractive error correction for sharp and convenient focus checking. Last but not least, a new 1.08-inch coloured top display publishes the camera status and shooting parameters. The 3.6-inch 2.36-million-dot touch display tilts to gradual angles for diverse shooting needs. Got deep pockets and a love of photography? The X2D is for you.
Image Source: DP Review

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