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Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition Trailer Start At A Rather Eye-Watering $240k

Heading out on the open road is something that brings unparalleled joy for many but, let’s face it, it is definitely improved considerably if you’re towing something like this Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition® Trailer behind your car because you can pull over wherever the mood takes you and enjoying your surroundings in style and comfort. This amazing looking trailer from Bowlus is billed as the ultimate inland travel, with the best in class luxury and performance features that help to really set it apart from the competition. But, as you might expect, this comes at a price.

The prices for the Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition® Trailer start at a rather eye-watering $240k but, if you’ve got a love of the open road and exceptionally deep pockets, there are no better candidates for the job of being your next road trip adventurer. It is 26ft long and will comfortably sleep four people so perfect for a family or friends road trip. This Performance Edition® builds on the already obsessively crafted Endless Highways Trailer from Bowlus and improves it in a number of key areas to make this one of the most accomplished trailers available on the market today.

Bringing the Outdoors in

Vast skylights in the main cabin, which have been crafted by Bowlus artisans, do a magnificent job of bringing the outdoors inside and are they are perfectly suited for stargazing. The skylights are in the Bowlus signature shape, which is the perfect shape that allows full tensile strength to transmit along with the Bowlus exterior armour-like shell. Breathtaking wood covers can be stored in one of the closets, should you wish to configure to the traditional main cabin layout. The electrical power system is purpose-built to allow for an effortless off-grid adventure. The yacht quality pure sine inverter is now 3,000W and the lithium iron phosphate system’s capacity is doubled to 600 Ah/7680Wh for up to two weeks of off-grid battery use.

The Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition® Trailer (from $240k) has an entire power management system that is connected via Bluetooth and the internet (another Bowlus first in 2016) so that all critical data is easily accessible on your smartphone as and when you require it. With all outlets live at all times, this RV is designed so that owners never need to think about their power consumption and can just focus on enjoying their surroundings and being out on the open road in search of adventure.

If you’re caring about the environment, this is the trailer for you as you’ll never find yourself stranded during your zero-emission road trip with a Bowlus as the external 110V outlet additionally can give an emergency micro-charge to your electric vehicle. With a full battery, the Bowlus could extend EV SUVs currently on the market for up to 16 miles. This trailer is also outdoor kitchen ready and comes with a 110V outlet and propane outlet. This kitchen-ready set-up allows each owner to customise this to their needs, and appliances like induction cooktops, propane bbq’s, or even a margarita blender are ready to plug and play. After the ultimate in luxury trailers? Call off the search.

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Image Source: Bowlus

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