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Best 15 Menswear Brands To Add In Your Wardrobe In 2022

Image Source: Unsplash

2022 is now well and truly upon us and if you’re looking to up your style game over the next 12 months, finding the best menswear purveyors out there is definitely going to be a step in the right direction. Get 2022 off to the best possible start by checking out our pick of 15 of the best menswear brands to add to your wardrobe in 2022.

1 – P & Co

A UK style staple, the guys at P & Co have been omnipresent in our own wardrobe for years now here at Coolector.

Great selection of old school illustrative tees, shirts and other awesome apparel.

2 – Iron & Resin

Forged in Ventura, California, in a mass-produced, disposable world, Iron & Resin is a product of “one-off” culture. When men still build, by their own hands, the craft they ride, be it water or land.

The quality of their apparel is second to none and they’ve long been a favourite of ours at The Status Life.

3 – Howler Brothers

Howler Brothers clothing designs honour the soul, passion and timeless style of sports such as surfing and fly fishing but update historic garment ideas with contemporary influences from waves, water, geography, fashion and art.

Every garment and accessory that they make is crafted with functionality and attention to detail at the forefront. That’s why we love them.

4 – Seager Co

Seager was founded in 2015 by a group of friends inspired to uphold the Grit and Ruggedness of the Old West through community, experiences and apparel.

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We’ve always loved their gear and they’re regularly releasing new apparel that demands to be added to your wardrobe rotation. Make sure you grab some Seager Co gear in 2022.

5 – Filson

Established in 1897, Filson is the leading outfitter and manufacturer of unfailing goods for wilderness aficionados. Built upon a reputation for reliability, they are a favourite among outdoorsmen, engineers and explorers, mariners and miners, and anyone who refuses to stay indoors.

Regardless of whether it’s shirts, tees, outerwear or boots that you’re after, Filson will have something that fits the bill.

Image Source: Unsplash

6 – Taylor Stitch

Constructed to perfection and responsibly made for the long haul. Taylor Stitch has taken 10 years of feedback and are doubling down on their commitment to building the best possible clothing while pledging to limit our environmental impact.

They offer clothing that can handle chopping wood, surf sessions, snagging trout, or simply heading to the office. On top of making some of the world’s best gear, they’re also asking questions about how they can protect the wild, forever.

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7 – &SONS

Vintage inspired clothing for the modern-day Pioneer – that’s what the guys at &SONS deliver. Timeless garments for the modern man, designed by and for craftspeople, artisan makers and creative pioneers in their chosen fields of endeavour.

Each garment is crafted with the potential to become a go-to piece for like-minded individuals who see the world through the same lens they do.

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8 – Jetty

Wilderness inspired wares are the order of the day with all the gear from the guys at Jetty. Whether it’s their brilliant flannels, typography inspired tees or awesome outerwear, they do everything with gusto and this shines through in the quality of their wares.

2022 is a year to get on top of your menswear choices and you definitely wouldn’t put a foot wrong filling your wardrobe full of Jetty apparel.

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9 – Percival

The guys at Percival produce classic wardrobe staples, but will bring something different to your clothes hangers, hence the term ‘Subverting the Classics’ that has come to be synonymous with the brand.

They make small batch collections often, to keep the offering fresh and varied. They sell direct to the customer to ensure their gear is as cost-effective as possible.

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10 – Lyle & Scott

One of Britain’s most recognisable menswear brands, Lyle & Scott were an essential addition to our list. Best known for their iconic polo shirts, this stylish brand now offer all the apparel you could wish to add to your wardrobe in 2022.

Classy, timeless and bold, there’s a lot to like about the gear from Lyle & Scott and we’ll certainly be adding a few pieces to our own line up here at The Status Life in the coming months.

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11 – Passenger Clothing

Passenger’s ethos is very simple. They strive to share what they as a team are passionate about and unite like-minded people through a sense of community. This definitely shines through in their ace selection of menswear and accessories.

Passenger pay attention to the smallest details – stories of escapism are woven into the fabric of their apparel and each design tells a different one, the smell of a campfire on a beanie or the sweat-stain on a favourite t-shirt.

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12 – Finisterre

The name of one of the most rugged headlands that bravely bears the full brunt of the North Atlantic gales, and a former shipping forecast area, Finisterre literally means end of the earth or land’s end. The place where land ends has intrigued man for centuries, fostering both a real and a romantic relationship with the sea; a relationship that runs deep in our narrative.

This should tell you all you need to know about the hard-wearing and robust nature of the apparel they produce. They make informed decisions about their impact on the environment and are always trying to push boundaries to make the best product they can.

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13 – Flint & Tinder

Between a hoodie that’s guaranteed for 10 years and super soft underwear that’s made in the USA, Flint & Tinder is just too good to miss. The beefy hoodies are the last word in coziness, and an ideal layer under a jacket or over a henley in cooler weather.

The more you wear this heavyweight poly-cotton blend, the softer it gets and the more it becomes unique to you, just like your favourite pair of jeans. Awesome apparel abounds with Flint & Tinder. A 2022 essential.

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14 – Wellen

Bonfires on the beach, first light surf sessions, windows down on a weekend road trip. These laid-back, no-shoes days are what inspire all the apparel from the guys at Wellen.

Originally born in Southern California, honed during San Francisco’s Indian summers, and tested on their travels to Montauk, Bali, Santa Barbara, and beyond, Wellen partners with responsible factories around the world to craft soft, sustainable essentials for sun and swell.

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15 – Outerknown

The clothing brand of surf icon, Kelly Slater, Outerknown are a pioneering new company that make great clothes with a radical commitment to sustainability. Five years since they began, Outerknown is proving that you don’t have to compromise on sustainability or style in the world of fashion.

90% of the fibres they source are organic, recycled, or regenerated and 100% of their trunks are made with recycled or renewable fibres because there’s nothing more epic than a clean ocean.

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