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    Best 10 Menswear Brands for 2021

    Image source: Pixabay

    2020 was a year to forget, so fingers crossed 2021 will be better for everyone. If you want to level up your style this year, start with the right menswear brands. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of options to choose from, catering to every style and budget. Here are 12 of the top menswear brands for 2021:

    Jetty Apparel

    Jetty is a well-known surf and skate apparel brand on the East Coast of America, offering a wide range of menswear from tees to outerwear. Whatever gaps you need to fill in your winter and spring wardrobe, Jetty has got you covered.

    Taylor Stitch

    Based in San Francisco, Taylor Stitch is known for its top-quality craftsmanship and laid-back vibes, especially in their men’s shirts and Workshop section.

    Iron & Resin

    Ventura, CA-based Iron & Resin stands out in a mass-produced world with its adventure-ready and illustration-inspired apparel, perfect for those who love moto vibes.


    British brand &SONS offers vintage-inspired menswear with a focus on quality craftsmanship using natural materials and the finest craftsmanship.


    For film and television fans seeking unique apparel, RSVLTS collaborates with iconic shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Ghostbusters, and The Office, making them stand out in our list of top menswear brands for 2021.

    Howler Brothers

    Honoring surfing and fly fishing, Howler Brothers designs classic pieces with contemporary influences, emphasizing functionality, attention to detail, and collaborations with artists.

    Western Rise

    At Western Rise, the focus is on developing high-quality, functional garments using sustainable materials and classic designs that perform well in all conditions.

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    For innovative and bold apparel, Vollebak pushes the boundaries, aiming to enhance strength and sensory perception through clothing in the next evolutionary stage of fashion.

    P & Co

    With typography and illustration-inspired designs, British brand P & Co brings forward mid-century aesthetics in their apparel inspired by moto and coffee culture.

    Passenger Clothing

    Adventure is the essence of Passenger Clothing, reflecting a passion for adventure and inspiring people to find their own path and embrace their journey through their quality gear.

    Deus Ex Machina

    Originating from Australia, Deus ex Machina celebrates a culture of creativity with custom parts, hand-built motorcycles, and top-notch apparel that embodies their adventurous spirit.

    Malle London

    Founded by British designers, Malle focuses on creating robust and refined motorcycle luggage, translating into a range of favorite menswear pieces over the years.

    Image source: Pixabay


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