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Airstream eStream Concept Travel Trailer Delivers Abundant New Technologies

If you’re a fan of hitting the open road in search of adventure but love things to be a bit more modern and high tech than in Kerouac’s day, the Airstream eStream Concept Travel Trailer might just be the thing that you have been waiting for. Airstream are, of course, synonymous with road-tripping and the caliber of their trailers is always second to none. Well, they’ve really bought things into the 21st century with their eStream Concept Travel Trailer which is a groundbreaking concept that brings to life multiple innovations from Airstream’s parent company THOR Industries and its partners and subsidiaries.

The Airstream eStream Concept Travel Trailer delivers abundant new technologies, an array of highly innovative features, and sustainable designs to the RV industry. From advanced aerodynamics to a state-of-the-art chassis and a new power system with advanced batteries, motors, and control systems, this truly is the most technologically advanced travel trailer that has ever been produced by Airstream or its THOR partners. Capable of sleeping up to four people, this trailer is some 22ft long and is packed to the brim with excellent little tech nuances and design flourishes that we’re loving here at The Status Life.


This amazing looking concept design from Airstream is fully electric for both on and off-grid camping adventures and this ramps up its versatility no end. A travel trailer at its heart is basically a home away from home…on wheels. It should be a place to stay comfortably while experiencing the best of travel freedom. The eStream delivers on that promise, with technology and systems that are geared towards heading further afield while bringing along the comforts of home along for the journey. High voltage batteries, an expansive solar rooftop, and advanced electronic systems come together to deliver an on-grid experience even when camping far from shore power.

The Airstream eStream Concept Travel Trailer allows you to connect to an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot, fire up the all-electric appliances, and leave the messy, loud generators at home. What’s not to like about that? With a full powertrain integrated into the chassis, the eStream is innovative and works hand in hand with the tow vehicle to optimise the towing experience. A drive axle with dual motors works actively to enhance the towing range, while advanced sensors and stability controls means no need for a weight distribution hitch.

There are amazing, innovative features to appreciate pretty much everywhere you look with the eStream Concept Travel Trailer from Airstream. The same drive axle motors that provide extended range are also capable of moving the eStream at low speeds. By using a simple, intuitive, and safe interface, the eStream can be remote controlled for easy positioning and parking. Future owners will be able to move the travel trailer toward a tow vehicle to perfectly line it up for hitching, or remotely move it into the campsite. Impressive stuff indeed.


Image Source: Car And Driver

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