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A New Swiss Brand Introduces Tools to Assist Watch Collectors in Checking Timepiece Accuracy

The pursuit of high accuracy is a top priority for serious watch collectors. These enthusiasts seek more than just a stylish accessory; they demand precision and performance from their timepieces. Regular maintenance and monitoring are common practices among collectors to ensure their watches maintain accurate timekeeping, especially in the face of potential issues like shock damage, magnetism, or moisture exposure.

To cater to this discerning audience, a new Swiss company called ONE OF has unveiled a series of devices designed to help collectors assess the health and accuracy of their watches. These tools come in three versions, including pocket-sized options that can seamlessly connect to smartphones or tablets for easy data transfer.

ONEOF offers three variations of its accuracy tool/app: one tailored for collectors (Accuracy2), another for boutique use (Accuracy Boutique Edition), and a professional version aimed at watchmakers (AccuracyPro). The technology within these tools can identify and analyze the minute vibrations of a watch’s mechanical movement, providing a comprehensive report on key metrics like rate accuracy, frequency, beat error, amplitude, lift angle, and stability.

In addition to assessing accuracy, the devices feature a built-in magnetic field sensor to detect any magnetization in the watch movement. Users can scan their watches from different angles to determine if magnetization is affecting performance.

For users of the compact Accuracy2 tool priced at $320, magnetization checks are the primary function. With the larger card-deck-sized Accuracy Boutique Edition costing $1,270, collectors can also demagnetize their mechanical watches using a smartphone or tablet. By selecting the DEMAG function in the app, a powerful electromagnetic pulse is generated to reset the watch’s spiral balance and address any magnetization issues.

Alexis Sarkissian, the founder of Totally Worth It, the tool’s distributor in the United States, highlights the sensitivity of the piezoelectric microphone in the Accuracy Boutique Edition, which precisely captures the watch’s ticking sounds for real-time analysis of its chronometric accuracy.

The professional-grade Accuracy Pro, priced at $3,330, offers an array of advanced features for watch owners and professionals. It can conduct manual measurements using an integrated accelerometer to evaluate the watch’s performance in different positions, providing detailed data on amplitude, oscillation, and escapement characteristics through visual representations.

For more information on ONE OF’s Accuracy products, visit the ONEOF USA website.

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Prices: Accuracy2 $320 / Accuracy Boutique Edition $1,270 / Accuracy Pro $3,330

Image Source: Pixabay

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